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app auth authentication authentication-provider aws aws-events aws-lambda aws-parameter-store azure azure-function basic-auth builder cache cache-caffeine caffeine cli client cloud cognito commit config configuration consul cookie cookies data data-jdbc data-jpa database discovery-consul discovery-eureka distributed-tracing download eachproperty elasticbeanstalk email error eureka eventbridge excel exception extensions file flowable flyway function geb git github google gorm graal graalvm gradle gradle-git-properties graphql groovy h2 handlebars hibernate hibernate-gorm hibernate-jpa hibernate-validator http http-client http-server-filter jaeger jakarta-persistence-api java jdbc jdbc-hikari job jpa json-streams junit jwk jwt kotlin kotlin-extension-functions lambda ldap linkedin management maven messaging micronaut-data micronaut-oraclecloud-atp microsoft mockito multi-tenancy multi-tenancy-gorm multiple-datasources multitenancy multitenancy-gorm mybatis netflix nimbus-jose-jwt oauth2 oidc ojdbc-bom okta oracle oracle-cloud-sdk parameter-store periodic propagation properties provider rabbitmq requires rpc rx s3 schedule scheduled security security-jwt security-ldap security-oauth2 security-session sendgrid serverless service-discovery ses session single-page spa spock spreadsheet-builder spreadsheet-builder-poi spring-security-crypto task testcontainers thumbnailator token token-propgation tracing-jaeger tracing-zipkin validation velocity views views-handlebars views-thymeleaf views-velocity zipkin

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