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Micronaut® Trademark Policy

The word “Micronaut®” and all Micronaut logos, trade dress, images, and designs are proprietary assets owned by Object Computing, Inc. (Object Computing or OCI) and registered trademarks in various jurisdictions. Use and management of Micronaut trademarks is overseen by Object Computing and the Micronaut Foundation.  

Trademarks protect not only the rights of those that own the marks, but also the community that relies on and uses the product or service, such as the Micronaut framework and its underlying open source software. Trademarks and brand standards provide community members confidence in the quality and capabilities represented by the Micronaut brand.

We created this Policy to describe the purpose of trademarks and to establish how and when you may use the Micronaut trademarks. In doing so, we strive to balance two competing interests:

  1. The need to ensure the Micronaut trademarks remain reliable indicators of their quality and origin; and
  2. The desire to foster use, engagement, innovation, and appropriate governance where the Micronaut framework is being used or referenced. 

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