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Micronaut® Trademark Policy

This is a statement of the Micronaut® trademarks owned by Object Computing, Inc. and its policy and guidelines relating to use of the trademarks.

The Micronaut trademarks comprise the word “Micronaut,” each Micronaut logo identified here, and various other marks adopted by Object Computing, Inc. from time to time (referred to in this policy collectively as the “trademarks” or the “Micronaut trademarks”).

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Micronaut trademarks continue to function as a symbol of quality and origin. While the Micronaut framework is made available under an open source software license, the open source software license does not include a right to use the Micronaut trademarks. Use of the Micronaut trademarks is restricted and subject to the policies set forth in this statement and conditioned upon conforming to other requirements that are directly related to the qualities that the specific mark has been created to preserve.

Any use of or reference to the Micronaut trademarks inconsistent with this policy, or use of marks that are confusingly similar to the Micronaut trademarks, is prohibited. All uses of the Micronaut trademarks and all goodwill associated therewith will inure solely to the benefit of Object Computing, Inc.

For information about the Micronaut trademarks owned by Object Computing, Inc., please contact

Micronaut Logos

Use of the Micronaut logos is prohibited without the prior written consent and express license of the Micronaut brand team. Complete and submit this form to request a license to use the Micronaut logo(s) or mark(s). 

If you are authorized to use a Micronaut logo, you must comply with the requirements set forth in the Micronaut Brand Guidelines.

Use of the Word Micronaut®

Use of the word Micronaut is permitted for certain, limited purposes.  These purposes include:

The following rules apply to use of the word Micronaut:

When using the word Micronaut, we ask that you prominently disclose the following trademark notice: “Micronaut® is a registered trademark of Object Computing, Inc. Use is for referential purposes and does not imply any endorsement or affiliation with any third-party product. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.”

Important Note

The Micronaut trademarks have been created and their use is expressly permitted for a specific purpose.  Do not use the Micronaut logos or the word Micronaut in any commercial or marketing context other than as expressly permitted in this policy unless you have obtained express written permission from Object Computing, Inc.  

Nothing in this policy statement may be interpreted to allow any third party to claim any association with the Micronaut framework or Object Computing, Inc. or any of their projects or to imply any approval or support by Object Computing, Inc. for any third-party products or services.

This policy statement is subject to change at any time at the discretion of Object Computing, Inc.

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