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Brand Guidelines

Micronaut® word marks, logos, and design marks are proprietary trademarks and assets owned by Object Computing.

While the Micronaut framework is available under an open source software license, that license does not include the right or license to use Micronaut® trademarks, except for the very limited purposes described in our Trademark Policy. Use of our logos and design marks is explicitly prohibited unless you are specifically licensed or authorized (in an advanced writing) to use them by the Micronaut® brand team. Please contact us at for more information or complete this form to request a license.

Our Trademark Policy describes trademark uses that are allowed without advanced permission from us. Download our Brand Guidelines for detailed guidelines regarding how and where you may use Micronaut® logos and design marks in print and digital assets once you have been specifically licensed in writing to use such marks.

Micronaut® trademarks may be used only in accordance with these directives. All other use is prohibited.