Micronaut® Foundation

Micronaut® Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that exists to support and collectively lead the open source Micronaut project.

Micronaut Foundation serves to:

  • Ensure technical innovation and advancement of the Micronaut framework as a free and open public use software development framework for a growing global community
  • Evangelize and promote the Micronaut framework as a leading technology in the JVM space
  • Build and support an ecosystem of complementary documentation, functionality, and services.

Contributing Members

The bylaws of the Micronaut Foundation provide that Object Computing will maintain, in perpetuity, a majority interest in the Foundation to serve as a steward of the Micronaut framework and its growing global open source community. Object Computing has committed an initial contribution of $2M to fund open source product development and evangelism for the Micronaut framework. “Our focus continues to be directed at building and helping our community create better technology,” said Jeff Scott Brown. “This is what we do and will continue to do. The community is an important part of this journey for us — the most important part of the journey. Our commitment to honor and serve this community continues to grow.” The Foundation relies on the financial support of our Contributing Members. If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Member, please contact us at foundation@micronaut.io

The Micronaut Foundation Technology Advisory Board

The Micronaut Foundation is supported by a Technology Advisory Board that ensures the Framework continues to reflect and serve its diverse and growing user community. The Board will meet quarterly to discuss and make recommendations regarding the Micronaut framework's roadmap and technical direction.

“The formation of the Foundation reflects the growing need to balance the diverse range of interests from the Micronaut framework's community and contributing organizations,” said Graeme Rocher, co-founder of the Micronaut framework. “As the Micronaut framework's adoption continues to accelerate, the additional governance provided by the Foundation will ensure all interested parties have a voice, resulting in a much more inclusive approach to the direction of the project.”

Please click here to find minutes from our past board meeting. For more information and for organizations interested in nominating a representative to the Micronaut Foundation Technical Advisory Board, please contact foundation@micronaut.io.


As a not-for-profit organization, the Micronaut Foundation relies on the financial support of our Contributing Members to support and grow the Micronaut framework. Please consider donating and becoming a sponsor today!

The generous support of our Corporate Sponsors allows the Micronaut Foundation to continue to ensure technical innovation and advancement of the Micronaut framework as a free and open public use software development framework for a growing global community. See more details here on how to support the foundation as an organization through our Corporate Sponsorship Program.

The Micronaut Foundation is also supported by our Community Member Sponsorship Program. If you are interested in supporting the Micronaut Foundation as an individual, please see our Community Member Sponsorship page for details.

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The Foundation's Board Of Directors may be reached at foundation@micronaut.io

Technical Advisory Board

Graeme Rocher Micronaut Foundation, co-founder and Director
Jeff Scott Brown Micronaut Foundation, co-founder and Director; Micronaut Practice Lead at Object Computing
James KleehObject Computing, Micronaut Development Lead
Ken Sipe Mesosphere, Cloud Solutions Architect
Neal Ford ThoughtWorks, Director, Cloud Architect
Zhamak Dehghani ThoughtWorks, Principal Consultant
Venkat Subramaniam Agile Developer Inc., Founder
Yuriy Artamonov JetBrains, Microservices Fellow
Guillaume Laforge Google, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform

Board of Directors

Gina M. Bremehr
Jeff Scott Brown
Robert Elfanbaum
James Kleeh
Graeme Rocher