Frequently Asked Questions

How is Micronaut licensed?

Micronaut is an Open Source project licensed under the Apache License v2.

What is the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for Micronaut?

Micronaut is an open source technology that is not on the Commerce Control List, and is therefore classified with the general purpose classification of EAR 99.

Do you have a Contributor License Agreement?

Yes, please read the Micronaut Framework Individual CLA.

What is the best way to get started learning Micronaut?

The definitive guide to developing with Micronaut is the User Guide. In addition, step-by-step tutorials for solving common scenarios can be found at Micronaut Guides.

Are there training offerings for Micronaut?

Object Computing, Inc offers training courses which are developed and delivered by the Micronaut founders and core development team.

How does Micronaut relate to Grails/Spring Boot?

The inventors of the Grails framework are developing the Micronaut project, taking many of the lessons learned from Grails into account when designing the new framework. Unlike Grails and other JVM web frameworks, Micronaut is designed to function as both a client and a server framework in a microservice environment. Micronaut's modularity and lack of external dependencies means that Grails developers can take advantage of many key Micronaut features within their existing Grails applications.

Where can I interact with Micronaut developers and community?

The best place to chat with developers and users of Micronaut is the Gitter community. Drop in and join our community!

Where can I ask questions about a specific programming problem related to Micronaut?

The Micronaut development team makes a priority of monitoring Stack Overflow for technical questions with Micronaut. If you have a specific technical question about usage of the framework, we recommend you post your question to Stack Overflow using the #micronaut tag.

Do you have a mailing list?

We don't have a mailing list. As mentioned above, for technical questions about Micronaut, please post using our official #micronaut tag on Stack Overflow. For general community interaction, please join our Gitter community.

Are you on social media?

Yes! You can get news about Micronaut on Twitter.

I have a cool idea or feature request for Micronaut - where can I share it?

Glad you asked! Our Gitter community is a great place to start a conversation with the Micronaut developers and other Micronaut users. If you would like to make a formal feature request, please create an issue.

I think I've found a bug in Micronaut, where can I report it?

The Micronaut project uses Github issues to report and track issues, feature enhancements, and new features. If you're logged in to your Github account, use this link to report an issue.

Can I contribute to the documentation?

Absolutely! The Micronaut project includes a few forms of documentation:
- The reference documentation contains language specification, user guides, a getting started tutorial, and more.
- The JavaDoc APIs documents the classes of the Micronaut code base<
- GitHub allows users to contribute to this website.
Contributing to the Micronaut documentation is fairly easy. Create a GitHub account or sign in with an existing account, browse to the Latest Guide and click the button at the top of the section you wish to edit. Please don't hesitate to help us make improvements, fix typos or broken language, clarify complicated sections, add new material, and anything else you feel will be helpful to other Micronaut users. And thank you!

Can I contribute code to the Micronaut framework?

Yes please! If you are looking to make an initial contribution, just raise your hand on the Gitter community and let us know if you have a particular area of interest you'd like to work on, or if you're just looking for a good issue to get started on. The Micronaut development team can provide guidance on how best to tackle a particular problem, collaborate on implementation ideas, and discuss the semantics or scope of the proposed change. Please see the contributing instructions for more detail.

I see the Micronaut name is trademarked, does that mean it’s proprietary?

Not at all, the Micronaut name is a trademark of OCI but this does not affect your rights to use and modify the source code under the terms of the Apache License v2.

Who sponsors development of Micronaut?

OCI sponsors Micronaut's development, maintains the Micronaut framework and employs key members of the Micronaut team.
In addition, JFrog provides the infrastructure for deploying and hosting our snapshots and releases, thanks to the Bintray social platform for distribution and the JFrog OSS repository.