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Becoming a Micronaut Foundation
Corporate Sponsor

The Micronaut Foundation relies on the financial support of our Contributing Members to support and grow the Micronaut framework. If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Member, or have any questions regarding sponsorship details, please contact us at foundation@micronaut.io.

We encourage organizations that make extensive use of the Micronaut framework to support the continued evolution and growth of the technology through the Micronaut Foundation Corporate Sponsor Program. The generous support of our Corporate Sponsors allows the Foundation to continue to ensure technical innovation and advancement of the Micronaut framework as a free and open public use software development framework for a growing global community.

Contributing Members may support the Micronaut Foundation by contributing at one of our defined sponsorship levels, or by making an anonymous donation to the Micronaut Foundation. There are five tiers of sponsorship: Ambassador, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Please reach out to the Micronaut Foundation Board of Directors at foundation@micronaut.io to discuss additional opportunities to support and engage with our team.

See all the current supporters on our Sponsors List.

Other ways to support
the Micronaut Foundation

The Micronaut Foundation is also supported by our Community Member Sponsorship Program. If you are interested in supporting the Micronaut Foundation as an individual, please see our Community Member Sponsorship details.

To learn more about donating to the Micronaut Foundation, please provide us with your contact information and we will be in touch!