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Event-Driven Microservices with the Micronaut Framework

This 12-hour workshop is a great fit for those who want to gain a productive understanding of the Micronaut® framework, Apache Kafka, and event-driven architecture in cloud-based microservices. Engage in hands-on exercises to gain experience and working examples of event-driven microservices using the Micronaut framework and Apache Kafka.


The following topics are covered in this course.

  • Micronaut
  • Apache Kafka
  • Messaging/Event-Driven Applications
  • Kafka Streams
  • KsqlDB
  • Event-Driven Architecture/Design Patterns


Although everyone is welcome, we recommend attendees have experience with the Java Development environment (JDK, Docker), Java or Groovy. Elementary (or better) experience with Micronaut and/or Apache Kafka is helpful but not required.

Lab Setup

Please have JVM 11 or higher installed and configured.  

Docker / Docker Compose