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Micronaut Data

Micronaut Data is a database access toolkit that uses Ahead of Time (AoT) compilation to pre-compute queries for repository interfaces. A thin, lightweight runtime layer executes those queries.

This workshop helps you understand the Micronaut Data flavors and equips you with the tools necessary to start your persistence journey with Micronaut Data.


This workshop introduces the different flavors of Micronaut Data and how they fit into the Java Persistence Ecosystem.

  • Micronaut Data JPA
  • Micronaut Data JDBC
  • Micronaut Data MongoDB
  • Micronaut Data Hibernate Reactive
  • Micronaut Data JDBC and R2DBC
  • Mapping Entities
  • Data Repositories
  • Explicit Queries
  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Projections
  • Entity Timestamps
  • Optimistic Locking
  • Criteria API


This workshop is a great learning opportunity for JVM developers interested in learning to leverage the Micronaut Data capabilities. 

Lab Setup

Please have the latest stable version of IntelliJ IDEA and JDK 11 installed and configured on your PATH.  

Lab exercises are conducted in IntelliJ IDEA. If you don’t have the licensed version, the Community Edition will work just fine. See  

You’ll also need the latest Micronaut CLI version:

Optional: SDKMAN!

Docker is also recommended, but not required.