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Technology Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - October 9, 2020

Board Members In Attendance:

  • Jeff Scott Brown – Micronaut Foundation, co-founder and Director, Micronaut Practice Lead at Object Computing
  • Graeme Rocher – Micronaut Foundation, co-founder and Director
  • James Kleeh – Object Computing, Micronaut Development Lead
  • Neal Ford – ThoughtWorks, Director, Cloud Architect
  • Venkat Subramaniam – Agile Developer Inc., Founder
  • Yuriy Artamonov – JetBrains, Microservices Fellow
  • Guillaume LaForge – Google, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform

Board Members Not In Attendance:

  • Ken Sipe – Mesosphere, Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Zhamak Dehghani – ThoughtWorks, Principal Consultant

Others In Attendance:

  • Jen Wiese – Object Computing, Micronaut Product Evangelist

Meeting led by: 

  • Jeff Scott Brown


  • Welcome
  • Introduce New Attendee
  • Managing This Agenda
  • Recent And Upcoming Goings On
  • Foundation Sponsorship Updates
  • Discussion Of Communication Detail And Cadence
  • Roadmap Updates
  • Open Discussion / Qs and As

New Attendee (JSB)

  • Jen Wiese – Evangelism for 2GM (Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut) team at OCI will present foundation sponsorship information today and take board meeting notes

Managing this Agenda (JSB)

  • Feel free to send in topics to discuss prior to meeting at
  • All input and ideas are welcome
  • We want to capitalize on the group of folks we have here, so please reach out

Recent And Upcoming Goings On (JSB)

  • The folks at Gartner requested briefings and demos on Micronaut
    • We have completed several briefings and demos for them
    • All with positive feedback
    • So far all seem very enthusiastic about Micronaut and excited to get involved as well as provide direction
      • Great questions/comments from TAB on this topic
      • Will work on some additional documentation that showcases features/structure comparisons, rather than just performance benchmarks
  • Enthusiastic about a recent interest from a major company wanting to contribute to Micronaut.
    • More details to come as paperwork hasn’t been finalized at this time
  • Evangelism efforts to improve adoption
    • Keeping in mind the importance of the developer experience (from the ground up)
      • Meetups (especially in larger cities)
      • Online hackathon events
      • More people getting involved doing these events
      • OReilly Event – Follow up with Neal

Foundation Sponsorship Updates (JW)

  • As a not-for-profit organization, the Micronaut Foundation relies on the financial support from our amazing community of generous sponsors.
    • Currently 7 Proposed Direct Sponsor Levels:
      • Ambassador, Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and our Community All Stars
        • Need to finalize sponsor level details
      • Idea proposed to offer “Donation”
        • Anonymous monetary donation
        • Donation in other ways as organizations are using the framework
    • GitHub sponsor option
    • Demo sponsor site/page
    • Swag preview

Roadmap Updates (JK and GR)

  • Planned for 2.2
    • Micronaut Data Reactive SQL
    • Client Credentials Grant
    • Improve X.509 Support
    • MQTT
    • Kotlin DSL For Gradle
    • Maven up to Gradle
    • Future standards support (CDI / MicroProfile)
      • Graeme is working on this and there is a longer lifecycle for this to be completed –  compliance with CDI specifications and implementation, working in coordination with other vendors for support.
      • We are keeping in mind that we don’t want too many tooling options for Micronaut as we want to keep it light.

Discussion Of Communication Detail And Cadence (JK and JSB)

  • Planning on communication regarding releases about every 6 weeks
    • 2.2 is planned for mid November
  • Will work on a project board for target release
    • First share that board with the TAB
    • TAB provide feedback/input
    • Then release to general public
  • How do prioritize what will be in an upcoming release?
    • Development team and Business team discuss
      • Listen to community feedback and questions in Gitter channel
      • Responses in Github
      • Feedback from clients and engineering teams
  • Now we have the additional input from the TAB to provide guidance and suggestions
    • Very excited to have that value add from leaders in this space that are outside of our immediate “bubble”

Open Discussion / Qs and As (All)

  • Meeting notes will soon be published
  • Thank you to everyone who attended