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Technology Advisory Board Minutes

Technology Advisory Board Minutes - November 10, 2021

Board Members In Attendance

  • Jason Schindler – Object Computing Inc., Partner and Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut Team Manager
  • Graeme Rocher – Micronaut Foundation, co-founder and Director; Oracle, Architect
  • Ken Sipe – Edward Jones, Department Leader – Application and Technology Architecture
  • Yuriy Artamonov – JetBrains, Microservices Fellow
  • Mark Sailes – Amazon, Specialist Solution Architect for Serverless at AWS Cloud

Board Members Not In Attendance

  • James Kleeh – Object Computing,Inc., Micronaut Development Lead
  • Neal Ford – ThoughtWorks, Director, Cloud Architect
  • Zhamak Dehghani – ThoughtWorks, Principal Consultant
  • Venkat Subramaniam – Agile Developer Inc., Founder
  • Guillaume LaForge – Google, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform
  • Bruno Borges – Microsoft, Principal Product Manager for Java

Others In Attendance

  • Jen Wiese – Micronaut Foundation, Community Engagement Manager

Meeting led by

  • Jen Wiese


  • Welcome
  • Introduce New TAB Members
  • Foundation Sponsor Updates
  • Community Updates
  • Tech Talk
  • Open Discussion

Introduce New TAB Members (Jen)

  • Jason Schindler – Object Computing Inc., Partner and Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut Team Manager
  • Mark Sailes – Amazon, Specialist Solution Architect for Serverless at AWS Cloud

Foundation Sponsor Updates (Jen)

Community Updates (Jen)

  • Working with Packt publishing and the authors of the new Micronaut book
    • Expect that to be released before the end of the year
    • Forward by the Micronaut Foundation
  • Excited about recent investment in the Foundation with the Developer Advocate role that Sergio is filling
    • Representing developer interests while engaging with our communities to advocate for the Micronaut framework
      • Launched a Microanut Podcast (twice a month)
      • Micronaut Live: Live application demos on Twitch (twice a week); episodes build upon each other; end with a complete application
      • Dedicated Micronaut YouTube Channel for all of the on-demand content for the community
      • Ramping back up our Microcasts, short, on-demand technical tutorials; starting out with a series of introductory content
      • Expecting to see more technical content published in blog posts/guides to help support our user community
      • Continue to deliver live public webinars and private tech talks for clients
      • Continue to deliver live, public and private training courses and events
        • Receive requests for these events regularly
        • Just completed a 12-hour (4 morning) public, online training event with 30 participants!

Tech Talk (Graeme)

  • Happy with the strength of community contributions, especially around MQTT and Pulsar
  • Roadmap
    • Pulsar integration finished
    • Compiler optimizations
    • X509
    • In progress
      • CDI Lite
      • Build plugins based on GraalVM Official
    • Some progress
      • Native Kotlin Compiler (KSP)
    • Cloud portability enabling
  • Breaking changes in transitive dependencies – topic from last quarter’s meeting
    • Stability is a priority
      • Upgrading to a minor release should be a low-risk task
  • Live development-time reloading – topic from last quarter’s meeting
    • Still in review; will bring it up to discuss again in the next meeting

Open Discussion (All)

  • Want to do more with tracking improvements on performance and code changes
    • Benchmarking (regression)
    • Test changes (start up time)
  • Definitely a time for awareness to be heightened on the Micronaut framework; seems that people are evaluating technology and tools
    • Increase in visibility of microservices in the market today
  • Next meeting will be Q1 2022 (look at starting around 9 a.m. CT)