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Technology Advisory Board Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2022

Board Members In Attendance

  • Jason Schindler – Object Computing Inc., Partner and Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut Team Manager
  • Graeme Rocher – Micronaut Foundation, co-founder and Director; Oracle, Architect
  • Sergio del Amo – Object Computing, Micronaut Development Lead
  • James Kleeh – Amazon, Software Development Engineer
  • Ken Sipe – Edward Jones, Department Leader – Application and Technology Architecture
  • Guillaume LaForge – Google, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform
  • Mark Sailes – Amazon, Specialist Solution Architect for Serverless at AWS Cloud
  • Yuriy Artamonov – JetBrains, Microservices Fellow

Board Members Not In Attendance

  • Zhamak Dehghani – ThoughtWorks, Principal Consultant
  • Neal Ford – ThoughtWorks, Director, Cloud Architect
  • Venkat Subramaniam – Agile Developer Inc., Founder
  • Bruno Borges – Microsoft, Principal Product Manager for Java

Others In Attendance

    • Jen Wiese – Micronaut Foundation, Community Engagement Manager

Meeting led by

  • Jen Wiese


  • Welcome
  • Community Update
  • Sponsorship Update
  • Micronaut Framework Update
  • Tech Talk
  • Open Discussion
  • Close Meeting

Community Event Update

  • Training Events Delivered in Q4:
    • Jumpstart your Java applications with AWS Lambda and the Micronaut Framework
    • Micronaut Data Workshop
    • Event-Driven Microservices with Micronaut
    • Micronaut Essentials (Dec)
  • Webinar Presented in Q4:
    • Leveraging MicroStream in your Micronaut Applications
  • Micronaut Presentations Given in Q4 At These Conferences:
    • J4K
    • DevoxxMA
    • JavaOne
    • Heapconf
    • Geecon Prague
    • ApacheCon

Sponsorship Update

  • New Micronaut support packages released
  • Corporate and Community Sponsorship program updates coming soon
  • Current Sponsors of the Foundation
    • Corporate Sponsorships
      • OCI
      • Safari.Net
      • Vizor Games
      • MicroStream
      • HiveMQ
    • Tools and Infrastructure Partners
      • Gradle
      • JetBrains
    • Engineering Partners
      • Oracle
    • Community Member Sponsorships
      • Ongoing

Framework Update

  • Micronaut 3.4.0
    • Micronaut Data MongoDB
    • Micronaut Serialization
    • Micronaut AOT

Open Discussion

    • James: Is the work to decouple Micronaut Security from HTTP in 4.0?
      • Sergio: Yes
      • Sergio: I would also like to decouple the Nimbus JWT library in case there are other ways that you would like to sign JWTs
      • Sergio: I don’t think we should assume that everyone wants to use JWTs or that they want to sign them with Nimbus
    • James: Has there been consideration on naming HTTP Client to HTTP Client Netty
      • Graeme: We don’t have another implementation now, but it is possible with Java 17 that we could create another implementation based on the HTTP Client in the JDK. I think this might be a Micronaut 5 thing to minimize disruptive changes.
    • Graeme: We want to achieve a reduction in the overall number of dependencies and that is why some of the decoupling is going on such as Snake YML.
      • Graeme: We are positioning it so that the discovery module can be completely removed as well.
      • Graeme: Another major change is that with GraalVM we switched a lot of Micronaut to be initialized at Runtime instead of build time so that it is more consistent with how things are achieved in Java. We managed to change that without big impacts to startup time.
      • Sergio: For users, I think the biggest changes will be the snake YML dependency and they will need to decide if they are going to use Jackson databind or Micronaut Serialization. And then the changes to the BOM.
      • Sergio: I think this is an easy migration, but we will need to communicate well
    • James: Is there a plan of some section of the docs that says here is what you would have to do to revert back to previous behavior
      • Sergio: Yes, we should provide something like that.
      • Sergio: For breaking changes, we do sometimes add notes to the release notes, but I prefer to have things in one place and link to the documentation or a blog post from the release notes
    • James: Is there anything that is currently up in the air on if it should be done for 4.0
      • Graeme: I don’t think we are going to include CDI Lite in 4
      • Graeme: There was some discussion on whether to include the Publisher interfaces from JDK 9 but that would be a really disruptive change at this point. We are delaying that until Micronaut 5
      • Sergio: We also had a discussion about using the Java 9 system logger but we haven’t made a decision around that
    • Sergio: One of the things we are going to do in Micronaut Data is support both Hibernate 5 and Hibernate 6
      • Graeme: One of the reasons for that is that Hibernate Reactive only support Hibernate 5
    • Yuriy: Do we care that much about Hibernate Reactive when there aren’t a lot of people using that
      • Graeme: I think if we have an advertised integration, then that should work
      • Yuriy: I would propose a gradual migration here where Micronaut only supports Hibernate 6 and then adding the reactive support when Hibernate Reactive support Hibernate 6
      • Sergio: We did add Hibernate Reactive support in 3 and we should maintain that support
      • Graeme: We have to be careful with simultaneous modules being supported at the same time because there is generally large breaking changes between Hibernate versions that can have an impact on people upgrading
    • James: What is the current status on the shared library for GraalVM config?
      • Graeme: It is in progress. The repository is being populated. We are gradually moving our GraalVM config into this repository and hopeful we can move to that in the future
      • James: So Spring is contributing to that as well?
      • Graeme: Yes
    • Yuriy: How soon will the GraalVM compatibility be for 22.3?
      • Sergio: Within the next 2 weeks
    • Mark: AWS Released a joint blog post with Disney+ recently:
      • Graeme: That was a great blog post. Thank you for your work on that
      • Graeme: Anecdotally, we recently had Java One in vegas and the Graal team had a booth and around 75% of the people visiting the booth were asking about Micronaut with GraalVM on Lambda. It seems like there is a lot of interest in that area
    • James: Is there any planned additional data stores being supported on the document side of Micronaut Data
      • Graeme: We just released support for MongoDB, and it also works with Oracle Database with the MongoDB API
      • Graeme: We are also doing some testing with AWS Document Database
      • Graeme: We are also looking into Cosmos
      • Graeme: Next year we are going to look into Micronaut Data Neo4J, Graph databases, and Elastic/Open Search
      • James: The only other one I would say to look at is DynamoDB which supports things like batching requests and it could be a really interesting feature
    • James: Has anyone done a comparison of Micronaut on serverless compared to using dagger?
      • Sergio: We have seen several people when they first come to Lambda they try to use dagger
      • Mark: I think that people that choose Dagger struggle a bit more with GraalVM
      • James: I think it would be worth to do some comparisons between Micronaut and Dagger with or without GraalVM and if was published that would be a good thing for people to reference
    • Sergio: I think we should have better comparison documentation of Micronaut vs Spring Boot or Micronaut vs Quarkus that are as unbiased as possible as a lot of people ask about that
      • Mark: That would help me a lot as well in conversations
      • Yuriy: Should there be comparisons with other competitors like Node.js and Go?
      • Sergio: I think for us the pool of JVM developers is so large that as long as we can convince people from other frameworks to give us a try that would be good
      • Sergio: For example, the Quarkus people released a book comparing them with Spring Boot and we lack that message
      • James: I think these comparisons are useful to at least provide people the opportunity to have the conversations
      • Mark: On the Lambda side we do compare Quarkus, Spring Boot, and Micronaut and there is a PR for Dagger.

Close Meeting