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Micronaut 1.0 GA Released

by Graeme Rocher Tags:

Micronaut 1.0 release announcement

It is with great excitement that the Micronaut team at Object Computing, Inc. announces the release of Micronaut 1.0 GA today.

Learn more about Micronaut!

Over a year in the making, Micronaut 1.0 represents a major leap forward in our mission to enable developers to create efficient, low-memory-footprint microservices and serverless apps for the JVM.

Micronaut includes all the tools a modern developer needs to effectively build microservices for the JVM without compromising memory footprint and startup time, including:

  • Integrated compile-time dependency injection and AOP
  • Cloud-native configuration management
  • Service discovery and client-side load balancing
  • Integrated HTTP client and server-based Netty
  • Sensible defaults and auto configuration

For insight into the design and development of Micronaut 1.0, check out InfoQ’s “Road to Micronaut 1.0” article and my previous posts on “The Power of Ahead of Time Compilation.”

To find out more about Micronaut in person, come to my presentation on Thursday at Oracle CodeOne 2018, or alternatively next week at Voxxed Days in Paris.

Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed valuable feedback during the development of this GA release and enjoy Micronaut 1.0!

– Graeme Rocher