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Micronaut 1.0.4 Released with Improved Modularity

by Graeme Rocher Tags:

Release announcement for Micronaut 1.0.4

The Micronaut team at Object Computing, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Micronaut 1.0.4, which includes improved modularity. Micronaut now has a much smaller core and various subprojects that will evolve and improve independently.

This increased modularization will allow the Micronaut team to iterate faster and offer more frequent releases of the Micronaut core.

The documentation page has been updated with links to all the different modules that come together to make Micronaut so great.

Stay tuned as Micronaut 1.0.4 will be followed very soon by milestone releases of Grails 4 and Micronaut 1.1.