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Micronaut 1.1 Milestone 2 Released

by Graeme Rocher Tags:

Micronaut 1.1 M2 release announcement

The Micronaut Team at Object Computing, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Micronaut 1.1 Milestone 2.

Micronaut 1.1 includes a number of significant refinements since Micronaut’s groundbreaking 1.0 release including:

In the next few weeks leading up to Devnexus 2019, we will be posting additional content covering some of these features in anticipation of the first release candidate of 1.1.

The next milestone of Micronaut 1.1 will be the first RC!

Response to the release of Micronaut 1.0 has been outstanding, and we look forward to hearing feedback from early adopters of Micronaut 1.1. See you at Devnexus 2019!