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Micronaut 1.1 Released

by Graeme Rocher Tags:

Micronaut 1.1 Release Announcement

Joining the many exciting announcements happening at Google Cloud Next, the Micronaut Team at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) is pleased to announce the release of Micronaut 1.1 GA.

Micronaut 1.1 includes a number of significant refinements since Micronaut’s groundbreaking 1.0 release including:

Micronaut 1.1 makes it even simpler to build efficient, cloud-ready applications that are simultaneously easy to test, easy to containerize, and efficient.

Micronaut can be deployed to both Google Cloud Run and Google App Engine Standard for Java 11, and with Micronaut 1.1, we have dedicated support for Google Stackdriver Trace.

To help you get started with Google Cloud Run we have prepared a couple of sample applications:

Thank you to all who provided feedback during the extended RC phase of Micronaut 1.1, enjoy the release!