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Webinar: Combining Micronaut and AWS to Superpower Your Apps

by Jen Wiese Tags:

In this complimentary webinar, Sergio del Amo demonstrates how the Micronaut Framework's built-in features enable seamless integration with AWS services.

We often refer to the Micronaut framework as “natively cloud-native,” but what does that mean?

In this complimentary webinar, Sergio del Amo Caballero demonstrates how easy it is to deploy a Micronaut app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk and explains how to integrate it with other AWS Services, including AWS Cognito, S3, Lambda, RDS, and Route 53.

The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Deploying a Micronaut app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Uploading files to AWS S3 from a Micronaut app
  • Securing an app with AWS Cognito
  • Publishing a Micronaut function to AWS Lambda
  • Sending an email from a Micronaut app with AWS SES
  • Service discovery with Route 53
  • Alexa skill support with Micronaut

This is a great learning opportunity for JVM developers interested in learning how to combine the Micronaut framework’s wide range of capabilities with the power of Amazon Web Services.

No particular expertise with Micronaut or AWS is required. However, you will benefit if you are already familiar with Micronaut, AWS services, and the AWS SDK.


Stefano Buliani works in the Serverless organization at Amazon Web Services helping AWS customers implement new applications that leverage AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. Stefano has been a professional developer for 15 years, primarily focusing on distributed systems and service-oriented architectures using Java, Go, and Rust.

Stefano joins Sergio as a guest presenter to help answer questions and provide expert advice from an Amazon perspective throughout the presentation.