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Grails and Micronaut Product Teams Announce Expansion of Leadership

by Jen Wiese

Grails and Micronaut Product Teams announce expansion of leadership team. Puneet Behl is now Grails Product Development Lead, and James Kleeh is now Micronaut Development Lead.

At Object Computing, Inc., we believe in the power of open source software and the infinite possibilities that the open source model enables. We are all incredibly happy and proud of the growth and evolution of the Grails and Micronaut frameworks, thanks to the vision and leadership of Graeme Rocher and Jeff Brown, an amazing product team, and a highly dedicated and engaged product community. Today, these frameworks empower developers from all over the globe to quickly build quality software solutions on a solid and battle-hardened foundation.

We are pleased to announce today that, in an effort to further optimize our development efforts and improve the efficiency of our development team, we are promoting two of our team members to key leadership positions within our product teams. Puneet Behl is now our Grails Product Development Lead, and James Kleeh is our Micronaut Development Lead. Graeme Rocher continues in his role as Technical Lead for both frameworks.

Both James and Puneet have long been involved in the development and advancement of these frameworks and, in many ways, have been performing these roles for some time. They have earned the respect and trust of our community and peers. We are ecstatic about this announcement and have great hope for the continued evolution, adoption, and success of Micronaut and Grails under the leadership of Graeme, James, and Puneet.

Congratulations James and Puneet!