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Microcast #5 | Contributing to Micronaut: Publishing and Reviewing Local Changes

by Iván López Tags:

Micronaut® Microcasts provide bite-sized tips and tutorials to help you maximize your productivity with the Micronaut framework and confidently contribute to the ecosystem.

In this tutorial, Iván López demonstrates how to contribute to Micronaut and test your changes locally before submitting a PR.

We recommend that developers who want to contribute code to Micronaut review this short video to learn how to:

  • Use the Micronaut Launch data-jdbc feature to create a test application
  • Make modifications in micronaut-sql and publish the changes to Maven Local
  • Use the snapshot version on the test application
  • Force Gradle to use a specific version
  • Check that the changes made in micronaut-sql are visible on the test application
  • Make another change again in micronaut-sql, publish to Local, and see that IntelliJ automatically reloads the snapshot changes

In putting together the content in this video, we assumed viewers were already familiar with concepts like snapshot versions, publishing to Local, and the command line.