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Webinar: Message-Driven Microservices & Monoliths with Micronaut

by Jen Wiese Tags:

In this webinar, Oracle Developer Advocate, Todd Sharp, shows you a few tricks for simplifying communication between distributed services by combining the Micronaut framework with some popular messaging solutions.

One of the biggest challenges developers face when working in a microservice environment is ensuring data consistency. Distributed services must be able to communicate with each other in order for your application to deliver all of the requirements and functionality that your users expect.

Think about an e-commerce application, for example. Your shipment service needs to know when an order is placed, right? Your order service, in turn, should know when the item has been shipped!

Even if your application is less “pure microservice” and more of a hybrid approach, you probably have at least a few distributed services that ultimately need to communicate with each other.

By clearly breaking the process down to core components, Todd helps you get started implementing messaging in your applications using popular open source tools, including Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ. He also demonstrates a managed Oracle-Cloud-based option that can be plugged into your service with very little setup and configuration.