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New 2GM Developer Advocate Announced

by Jen Wiese Tags:

The Micronaut and Grails Foundations™ are excited to announce that Sergio del Amo Caballero has taken on a new role and new responsibilities as the 2GM Developer Advocate!

The Foundations support the technical innovation and advancement of the Grails® and Micronaut® frameworks for our growing global community, and the creation of this new position is one more way we are investing in the continued success of our open source products. As Developer Advocate, Sergio will represent developer interests while engaging with our communities to evangelize the Frameworks.

In seeking the right person to fill the Developer Advocate position, we looked for an individual with passion for the technology who also has a strong connection with both the development team and the community at large.

“Sergio has been a major contributor to Grails and Micronaut for years. He is well known and respected in the community and is passionate about sharing information with others. I’m so excited about Sergio taking on this role and can’t wait to see all of the ways that our OSS communities grow and evolve over the coming months and years.”

—Jason Schindler, 2GM Team Manager

Sergio discovered the Grails framework ten years ago and has been a core member of the 2GM (Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut) team at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) since 2017, during which time he has been instrumental in efforts to enhance and refine the Frameworks. He has also established a strong rapport with community members through his leadership of Guides publication, regular speaking engagements at events around the world, his personal blog, the Groovy Calamari newsletter, and his enthusiasm for leading educational webinars and training courses on behalf of OCI. Sergio steps into his new position with many ideas to help expand the Frameworks’ web presence and accessibility to a larger audience.

“There are still many things that we can do to improve developer experience with the Frameworks, from people just discovering them to teams using them in their production applications. I think this is what the Frameworks need, and I have ideas about how we can support the community. This new role will allow me to do that. I’m excited about helping users unleash their productivity. The community will fulfill the rest of the deal by building amazing applications,” said Sergio.

“Sergio’s strength as a technologist is matched by his genuine passion for the community. He really and truly embraces our core principle, All Of Us Is Better Than Any Of Us. His taking on this role is a tremendous win for the technology and for the community.”

—Jeff Scott Brown, Object Computing Partner, Grails and Micronaut Foundation Co-Founder

Please join us in congratulating Sergio, and stay tuned for the exciting projects he’s already started developing for the community!