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Micronaut Framework 3.4.0 Released

by Sergio Del Amo Caballero Tags:

The Micronaut team is excited to announce the release of Micronaut framework 3.4.0

This release introduces new features to the Framework. Those features are detailed below.

Referencing bean properties in @Requires

With 3.4.0, you can reference other beans properties in @Requires to load beans conditionally.

@Requires(bean=Config.class, beanProperty="foo", value="John")

Localized Message Source

You can now inject LocalizedMessageSource, a @RequestScope bean, in your controllers to resolve localized messages for the current HTTP Request. This works in combination with Micronaut Locale Resolution capabilities.

Micronaut Data MongoDB

Micronaut Data 3.3.0 includes Micronaut Data MongoDB:

Micronaut Data MongoDB supports most of the things that are possible with JPA and JDBC/R2DBC implementations, including:

  • Repositories with compile-time generated filtering, aggregation, and projection queries
  • Entities relations and cascading
  • Transactions
  • Joining relations
  • JPA Criteria API
  • Attribute converters
  • Optimistic locking

The interaction between the object layer and MongoDB’s driver serialization/deserialization is implemented using Micronaut Serialization and BSON support.

Micronaut AOT and Maven

Micronaut AOT is now supported for Maven users. Enabling AOT is as simple as passing -Dmicronaut.aot.enabled when running, testing, or packaging your application.

For more details, check the Micronaut Maven Plugin documentation.

Micronaut TOML

With Micronaut TOML, you are now able to write your application configuration with TOML in addition to Properties, YAML, Groovy or Config4k.

Micronaut Security

Micronaut Security 3.4.1 responds with an error when an authenticated user visits a sensitive endpoint. This forces the developer to define how they want their application to behave in that scenario. Read the release notes and the documentation to learn more.

BOM Modules

Several projects include a BOM (Bills of Materials) module:

Other Module Upgrades

Build and Code Quality

We have been updating every Micronaut project to newer build infrastructure, and we set up Jacoco and Sonarcloud to keep on top of the quality of the code.


We want to thank all the contributors; the community is essential to the Framework’s success. Please try upgrading your existing applications to this new minor release and report any issues you find! See the documentation for further details and use GitHub to report any issues.