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New InfoQ Article: Cloud-Native Java with the Micronaut Framework

by Sergio Del Amo Caballero

We encourage everyone to check out Graeme Rocher’s recent InfoQ article, Cloud Native Java with the Micronaut Framework. It is a great read for anyone using Micronaut or thinking about using the framework.

In his article, Grame covers reasons to use the Micronaut framework, how to get started and set up an IDE for Micronaut development, and how easy it is to write a Rest API, access a database, generate a GraalVM native image of your Micronaut application, and deploy it to the cloud.

  • The Micronaut framework provides a solid foundation for building cloud-native Java microservices based on a compilation-time approach.
  • Tight integration with GraalVM native image ahead-of-time compilation (AOT) makes it easy to convert applications to native executables, which has massive benefits, particularly for serverless and microservice workloads.
  • Reducing the use of Java reflection, runtime proxy generation, and dynamic classloading has resulted in performance, memory, and startup improvements and makes it easier to debug and test Micronaut applications.
  • Active compilation-time checking increases type safety and improves developer productivity by surfacing errors at build time rather than runtime.
  • A large ecosystem of modules and integrations, such as Micronaut Data for database access, has helped provide further innovations within the Micronaut framework.