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Micronaut Framework 3.9.0 Released!

by Sergio Del Amo Caballero Tags:

The Micronaut team is excited to announce the release of Micronaut framework 3.9.0!

This release introduces new features to the Framework. Those features are detailed below.

@Introspected targetPackage member

With Micronaut Framework 3.9.0, you can customize the package to write introspection with the targetPackage member of the @Introspected annotation.

Security Breaking change – CORS Regex

Since Micronaut Framework 3.9.0, CORS micronaut.server.cors.*.configurations.allowed-origins configuration does not support regular expressions to prevent accidentally exposing your API. You can use micronaut.server.cors.*.configurations.allowed-origins-regex, if you wish to support a regular expression.

Annotation-based CORS configuration

You can enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) configuration via the @CrossOrigin annotation. You can leverage the annotation in a Controller at a class or method level to enable access to a single endpoint of your application.

public class CorsController {
    @Get(produces = MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN)
    public String cors() {
        return "Welcome to the worlds of CORS";

    public String nocorstoday() {
        return "No more CORS for you";

Learn more about Annotation-based CORS configuration.


Micronaut Kubernetes 4.0.0 includes a major upgrade to v18 of Kubernetes Java Client. This major upgrade of the Kubernetes Client addresses several security CVEs.

Micronaut Security

You can serve a JWKS from anywhere on disk or in the classpath.

Micronaut CRaC

You can use Micronaut CRaC with jOOQ and Redis.

Micronaut Maven

It updates to Jib 3.3.1.

Moreover, Micronaut Launch and CLI generate applications with Apache Maven 3.9.1

Micronaut Launch / CLI

When you create a Micronaut AWS Lambda function with Amazon CDK and the Java Runtime, the infrastructure as code enables AWS SnapStart by default.

Java 17 is now the default for new applications.


Community Features

Micronaut Test

Micronaut Test updates to:

Micronaut ElasticSearch

Micronaut ElasticSearch updates to ElasticSearch 7.17.9.

Micronaut Micrometer

Micronaut Micrometer updates io.dropwizard.metrics:metrics-core to 4.2.18 and micrometer to 1.10.5.

Database Migration Tools

Micronaut Liquibase

Micronaut Liquibase updates to Liquibase 4.19.1


Micronaut SQL

Micronaut SQL updates to:

  • PostgreSQL 42.5.4
  • MariaDB Java client 3.1.2 (#790)
  • Hibernate
  • Hibernate Reactive 1.1.9.Final
  • Jasync 2.1.23
  • Vertx 4.3.4


Micronaut Azure

Micronaut Azure updates to:

  • Azure SDK to 1.2.11.
  • Azure Cosmos to 4.42.0.

Micronaut AWS

Micronaut AWS updates the following dependencies:

  • AWS SDK V2 2.20.42.
  • AWS SDK V1 1.12.445.
  • AWS Serverless Java Container Core 1.9.2.
  • Alexa ASK SDK 2.70.0
  • AWS CDK 2.73.0.

Micronaut GCP

Micronaut GCP updates to:

  • Google Cloud Core 2.14.0.
  • Google Cloud PubSub 1.123.7.
  • Google Secret Manager 2.14.0.
  • Google Cloud Events 2.4.2

Reactive Libraries

Micronaut RxJava 3

Micronaut RxJava 3 updates to RxJava 3 version 3.1.6

Configuration Documentation Improvements

Micronaut Framework supports multiple configuration formats YAML, properties, TOML, Groovy, Hocon, etc.

We have updated our documentation to show configuration snippets in the different formats support properties files, YAML, TOML, etc.

Micronaut Configuration Tabs

Community Feedback

We want to thank all the contributors; the community is essential to the Framework’s success. Upgrade your existing applications to this new minor release and report any issues, or give us any feedback!

We are excited about the Micronaut framework’s future in 2023. Happy holidays!