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Micronaut Framework is Moving to Discord

by Jen Wiese Tags:

Moving to Discord

The Micronaut Foundation has decided to make a switch and move our chat community to a new platform. Effective immediately, we are moving the community chat from Gitter to Discord.

Why are we moving to Discord?

Discord provides an improved desktop app experience, better-structured conversations, enhanced notifications, etc. Thus, it gives the community of users a better experience. To join the Micronaut Discord Server:

  1. Create a free Discord account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Once you have a Discord account, click the Micronaut Discord invite link.

Upon joining the server, please review the #info channel.

What will happen to the Gitter community? 

We encourage everyone in the Micronaut Gitter community to move to Discord to keep up with the latest conversations in the Micronaut community. We will monitor the Gitter community chat, while pointing people to move those conversations over to Discord.  We expect to close the Micronaut Gitter community chat by the end of summer.

We are hopeful that the Micronaut Discord community will be a great medium to receive announcements and interact with other Micronaut users.

Community Support

In addition to Discord, we will continue to support our other community communication channels:

GitHub Discussions

GitHub Issues

As a reminder, we have a community support page to serve as a quick reference of community resources. Thanks again to our amazing community. We truly appreciate all of your contributions and support.

See you on the Micronaut Discord server!