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Micronaut Framework 4.2.0 Released!

by Sergio Del Amo Caballero Tags:

Micronaut Core

Micronaut Core 4.2.0 contains several improvements including performance optimizations, enhancements to the Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) integration, and it updates to Netty 4.1.101.


Micronaut Framework 4.2.0 supports using the --strict-image-heap flag and associated behavior, which will be the default in the next version of GraalVM Native Image.

Java 21

You can select Java 21 in Micronaut Launch or CLI.

Gradle Kotlin DSL

You can build Micronaut applications with Maven or Gradle. For Gradle, we support both Groovy and Kotlin DSL. Since Micronaut Framework 4.2.0, new applications default to Gradle with Kotlin DSL. Gradle Kotlin DSL provides a better IDE integration. Moreover, Kotlin DSL is also the default for Gradle.

Kotlin 1.9.20

This minor release updates to Kotlin 1.9.20 and KSP 1.9.20-1.0.13.

Micronaut Gradle Plugin

If you use the Micronaut Gradle Plugins, update to version 4.2.0 and Gradle 8.4.

Micronaut Data

Micronaut Data adds:

Micronaut Kotlin

Micronaut Kotlin updates to Ktor 2.3.5.

Micronaut Views

Micronaut Views adds:

  • Support for JStachio
  • FieldsetGenerator API which simplifies the generation of an HTML Fieldset representation for a given type or instance. It leverages the introspection builder support. This feature simplifies the development of server-side HTML applications with Micronaut Views.

Additionally, Micronaut Views updates:

Micronaut Test

The latest version of Micronaut Test adds the @Sql annotation. The @Sql annotation allows you to run SQL statements before running a test. For example, to load seed data.

Micronaut Tracing

Micronaut Tracing updates to OpenTelemetry version 1.31.0.

Micronaut Micrometer

Micronaut Micrometer adds an observation module that simplifies the process of instrumenting your code for gathering traces and metrics.

Micronaut OpenAPI

Micronaut OpenAPI adds the ability to convert to Asciidoc.

Micronaut GCP

The latest version of Micronaut GCP supports receiving and returning reactive types for Pub/Sub and updates to:

  • Google Cloud Core 2.27.0
  • Google Cloud Secrets Manager 2.30.0
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub 1.125.11

Micronaut Serialization

Micronaut Serialization continues to improve with enhancements for ByteBuffer, JsonRootName, JsonIgnoreProperties, and JsonTypeInfo.

Micronaut Kafka

Micronaut Kafka adds improvements around Batch Processing, and it updates to Kafka 3.6.0.

Micronaut JAX-RS

​​Micronaut JAX-RS adds support for JAX-RS ResourceInfo.

Micronaut CRaC

With the latest version of Micronaut CRaC, if the info endpoint is enabled, then a crac section will be automatically added, which shows the restore time and uptime since restore, both in milliseconds and taken from the CRaCMXBean provided by the CRaC API.

Additionally, Micronaut CRaC updates to CRaC 1.4.0.

Micronaut RabbitMQ

Micronaut RabbitMQ updates to amqp-client version 5.20.0 and improvements around automatic recovery.

Micronaut Redis

Micronaut Redis updates to lettuce-core version 6.2.5.

Micronaut Servlet

Micronaut Servlet updates to:

  • Jetty 11.0.18
  • Undertow 2.3.10
  • Tomcat 10.1.15

Micronaut Cache

Micronaut Cache adds the ability to view a cache value in the caches endpoint, and it supports Hazelcast config override via XML or YAML.

Additionally, Micronaut Cache updates to:

Micronaut Azure

Micronaut Azure updates to:

  • Cosmos 4.52.0
  • Azure SDK 1.2.18

Micronaut Security

Micronaut Security updates Nimbus JOSE + JWT to 9.37.1.

Micronaut Pulsar

Micronaut Pulsar updates pulsar-client-original to 3.1.1.

Micronaut JMS

Micronaut JMS updates to activemq and AWS SQS 2.21.15.

Micronaut Kubernetes

Micronaut Kubernetes updates to kubernetes-client 6.9.1.

Micronaut ElasticSearch

Micronaut ElasticSearch updates to ElasticSearch 8.10.4.

Micronaut Cassandra

Micronaut Cassandra updates to datastax Cassandra driver 4.17.0 and integrates with Micronaut Micrometer.

Micronaut Liquibase

Micronaut Liquibase updates to Liquibase 4.24.0.

Micronaut gRPC

Micronaut gRPC updates to grpc 1.59.0 and protobuf 3.25.0.

Micronaut MongoDB

Micronaut MongoDB updates to Mongo 4.10.2.

Micronaut SQL

Micronaut SQL updates to:

  • Hibernate 6.2.7
  • Hibernate Reactive 2.0.6
  • jOOQ 3.18.7
  • JDBI 3.41.3
  • Jasync 2.2.4
  • Hikari 5.1.0
  • Tomcat JDBC 10.1.15
  • H2 2.2.224
  • MySQL8.2.0
  • MariaDB 3.2.0

Micronaut R2DBC

Micronaut R2DBC updates to:

  • r2dbc-pool 1.0.2
  • r2dbc-mysql 1.0.5
  • r2dbc-postgresql 1.0.2
  • r2dbc-mssql 1.0.2

Micronaut Email

Micronaut Email adds the Contact::getNameAddress method, and it updates to:

  • mailjet-client 5.2.5
  • postmark 1.11.0

Micronaut Neo4J

Micronaut Neo4j updates to Neo4J Java driver 5.14.0 and Neo4J Harness 5.13.0.

Micronaut GraphQL

Micronaut GraphQL updates to GraphiQL 3.0.6.

Micronaut Spring

Micronaut Spring updates to Spring Boot 3.1.5.

Micronaut MQTT

Micronaut MQTT updates to HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.3.3.

Micronaut NATS

Micronaut NATS updates to jnats 2.17.1.

Micronaut Test Resources

Micronaut Test Resources adds an optional control panel to monitor containers and resolved properties.


If you haven’t yet updated to Micronaut framework 4, this is an excellent opportunity to do so!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance.