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Micronaut Framework 4.3.0 Released!

by Sergio Del Amo Caballero Tags:

Micronaut Core

Micronaut Core contains several improvements, including performance optimizations and enhancements to the Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) integration.

Kotlin 1.9.22

This minor release updates to Kotlin 1.9.22 and KSP 1.9.22-1.0.17.

New Modules

Micronaut Chabots

Micronaut Chatbots eases the creation of ChatBots (in this first release, with support for Telegram and Basecamp).

Micronaut EclipseStore

Micronaut EclipseStore is a new module which adds integration with EclipseStore. Eclipse Store is the successor of the MicroStream project., Technically this project is identical to MicroStream 8, which was the last stable version of MicroStream itself.

EclipseStore is a breakthrough Java-native persistence layer built for cloud-native microservices and serverless apps.

EclipseStore is also great for monoliths and runs on Android mobile, edge, and embedded devices.

Expression Language Support

Micronaut Multi-tenancy

Micronaut Multi-tenancy allows using the current request tenant ID with Micronaut Expression Language.

Micronaut Cache

Micronaut Cache adds support for conditional caching with expression language expressions.

    @Cacheable(condition = "#{id.value > 5}") 
    public String get(Id id) { 
        return repository.get(id); 

Moreover, it updates to:

Build Plugins

Native Image Build Tools

Micronaut Gradle Plugin and Micronaut Maven Plugin plugins update to Native Image Build tools 0.10.0.

AmazonLinux:2023 base image

Micronaut Gradle Plugin task buildNativeLambda and Micronaut Maven Plugin goal mvn package -Dpackaging=docker-native -Dmicronaut.runtime=lambda generates a GraalVM native executable inside a Docker container to be deployed in AWS Lambda Custom runtime. They both use amazonLinux:2023 as base image.

Micronaut Gradle Plugin

Micronaut Gradle Plugin improves the docker support – with multi-layer docker files and changes the default base image to

Micronaut Maven Plugin

Micronaut Maven Plugin improves its Java 21 support.

Micronaut Platform BOM

Micronaut Platform Bill of Materials (BOM) inlines all the versions defined in the different modules BOMs, to allow users to override any dependency version by simply overriding the corresponding property. It is noteworthy that this was previously feasible with Micronaut framework 3, and the aforementioned behavior has been restored.


Micronaut GCP

Micronaut GCP has added support for Pub/Sub Push subscriptions via a new @PushSubscription annotation. This enables the processing of Push messages using the same programming model as the existing support for Pull subscriptions. With Push subscriptions, the PubSub service pushes messages to your application via HTTP, as opposed to the Pull style of subscription which requires your application to have a continually running background process to receive messages. Push subscriptions are generally required when using one of GCP’s serverless solutions, such as Cloud Run.

Micronaut AWS

Micronaut AWS updates to:

If you use Micronaut AWS Lambda, we strongly recommend upgrading to Micronaut Framework 4.3.0, as you will get cold startup improvements.

Micronaut Azure

Micronaut Azure updates to:

Micronaut GCP

Micronaut GCP updates to:

Micronaut Oracle Cloud

Micronaut Oracle Cloud updates to:

Database Migration

Micronaut Flyway

Micronaut Flyway updates to a Flyway 10, the latest major version of Flyway.

Micronaut Liquibase

Micronaut Liquibase updates to Liquibase 4.25.1.


Micronaut Data

Micronaut Data adds multiple improvements and it updates to:

  • Azure Cosmos 5.3.0

Micronaut Serialization

Micronaut Serialization continues to improve with enhancements for @JsonTypeInfo, JsonValue, and @JsonView. Moreover, it adds the method ObjectMapper::cloneWithConfiguration.

Micronaut Security

Micronaut Security adds the auditing annotations `@CreatedBy` and `@UpdatedBy`, and an imperative API to simplify the creation of beans of type `AuthenticationProvider`.

Micronaut Validation

Micronaut Validation allows for constraints with `validatedBy = MyValidator.class` to load validator from the bean context.

Micronaut Logging

Micronaut Reactor

Micronaut ACME

Micronaut ACME updates to acme4j-client 3.

Micronaut Elasticsearch

Micronaut Elasticsearch updates to Elasticsearch 8.12.0.

Micronaut Email

Micronaut Email updates to:

Micronaut GraphQL

Micronaut GraphQL updates to GraphQL Java Tools.

Micronaut gRPC

Micronaut gRPC updates to:

  • gRPC 1.61.0
  • protobuf 3.25.2

Micronaut JMS

Micronaut JMS updates to:

Micronaut Kafka

Micronaut Kafka updates to Kafka `3.6.1`.

Micronaut Kubernetes

Micronaut Kubernetes updates Kubernetes & OpenShift Java Client to 6.10.0 and Kubernetes Java Client to 19.0.0.

Micronaut Logging

Micronaut Logging updates to Logback 1.4.14, log4j2 2.22.1 and slf4j 2.0.11.

Micronaut Micrometer

Micronaut Micrometer updates to Micrometer 1.12.0.

Micronaut MongoDB

Micronaut MongoDB updates to Mongo 4.11.1.

Micronaut Neo4J

Micronaut Neo4j updates to Neo4J Java driver and Neo4J Harness 5.15.0.

Micronaut NATS

Micronaut NATS updates to jnats 2.17.2.

Micronaut Open API

Micronaut OpenAPI adds OpenAPI Explorer View and many other improvements driven by altro3, a community contributor.

Micronaut Pulsar

Micronaut Pulsar updates `pulsar-client-original` to 3.1.2.

Micronaut Kotlin

Micronaut Kotlin updates to Ktor 2.3.7.

Micronaut Servlet

Micronaut Servlet updates to:

Micronaut Spring

Micronaut Spring updates to:

Micronaut SQL

Micronaut SQL updates to:

Micronaut Test

Micronaut Test updates to:

Micronaut Test Resources

Micronaut Test Resources updates to:

Micronaut Tracing

Micronaut Tracing updates to OpenTelemetry version 1.32.0.

Micronaut Views

Micronaut Views updates:

Micronaut Cassandra

Micronaut Cassandra adds documentation for configuring SSL integration with the Cassandra DataStax Java Driver.


If you haven’t yet updated to Micronaut framework 4, this is an excellent opportunity to do so!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance.