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Micronaut Framework 4.4.0 Released!

by Sergio Del Amo Caballero Tags:

Micronaut Core

Micronaut Core contains several improvements, including performance optimizations. Moreover, native image binaries of Micronaut framework 4.4.0 should be smaller.

In addition, since Micronaut framework 4.4.0, any Project Reactor blocking operations throw an exception when they are done on an event loop thread. This new behaviour will help you identify the controller’s methods, which you must annotate with @ExecuteOn to avoid performance loss or dead locks in the event loop.

Kotlin 1.9.23

This minor release updates to Kotlin 1.9.23 and KSP 1.9.23-1.0.20.

New Modules

Micronaut OpenSearch

Micronaut OpenSearch simplifies integration with OpenSearch.

New Features

Micronaut Views

Micronaut Views adds the ability to render Thymeleaf fragments. Moreover, it adds support for HTMX.

Micronaut Data

Micronaut Data adds a new annotation @ParameterExpression:

    @Query("INSERT INTO Book(title, pages) VALUES (:title, :pages)")
    @ParameterExpression(name = "title", expression = "#{book.title + 'ABC'}")
    @ParameterExpression(name = "pages", expression = "#{book.pages}")
     void insertCustomExp(Book book);


Micronaut Tracing

Micronaut Tracing updates to OpenTelemetry version 1.36.0.

The latest binary release of the OpenTelemetry Collector no longer includes exporters for the native Jaeger format. Jaeger has support for OTLP out of the box. If you had the dependency `io.opentelemetry:opentelemetry-exporter-jaeger` in your application, replace it with `io.opentelemetry:opentelemetry-exporter-otlp`. Also, in your application configuration, replace `otel.tracer.exporter=jaeger` with `otel.tracer.exporter=otlp` and supply the `otlp` endpoint.

If you had in your application the dependency `io.opentelemetry:opentelemetry-sdk-extension-aws` use dependencies from OpenTelemetry Java Contrib library such `io.opentelemetry.contrib:opentelemetry-aws-xray-propagator` instead.

Micronaut Kubernetes

Micronaut Kubernetes updates Kubernetes & OpenShift Java Client to 6.11.0 and Kubernetes Java Client to 19.0.1.

Micronaut AWS

Micronaut AWS updates to:

Micronaut Azure

Micronaut Azure updates to:

Micronaut GCP

Micronaut GCP updates to:

Micronaut Oracle Cloud

Micronaut Oracle Cloud adds support to session-based authentication, instance metadata service v2, and it improves OCI configuration file support.

It updates to fn 1.0.186.

Micronaut Object Storage

Micronaut Object Storage updates to GCP Cloud Client Libraries 26.35.0.

Data Access

Micronaut SQL

Micronaut SQL updates to:

Micronaut EclipseStore

Micronaut EclipseStore adds support for Cache. Moreover, it updates to EclipseStore 1.2.0.

Micronaut Microstream

Micronaut MicroStream updates to MicroStream 08.01.02-MS-GA.

Micronaut Redis

Micronaut Redis updates to Lettuce 6.3.2.

Micronaut R2DBC

Micronaut R2DBC updates to r2dbc-mysql v1.1.2.

Micronaut Neo4J

Micronaut Neo4j updates to Neo4J Java driver and Neo4J Harness 5.17.0. Neo4J Harness has been deprecated and will be removed in Micronaut framework 5. We recommend using Testcontainers Neo4j instead.

Database Migration

Micronaut Flyway

Micronaut Flyway updates to Flyway 10.10.0, and it improves the usage of custom configuration.

Micronaut Liquibase

Micronaut Liquibase updates to Liquibase 4.26.0.


Micronaut NATS

Micronaut NATS updates to jnats 2.17.4.

Micronaut Kafka

Micronaut Kafka updates to Kafka `3.7.0` and improvements to Kafka Errors and conditional retries.

Micronaut HiveMQ

Micronaut MQTT improves the SSL configuration support for HiveMQ client.

Micronaut JMS

Micronaut JMS adds the @MessageTTL annotation that can be applied to a method argument to indicate that the argument is bound from the JMS TTL attribute.

Micronaut Pulsar

Micronaut Pulsar updates the Pulsar Java Client to 3.2.2.


Micronaut Kotlin

Micronaut Kotlin updates to Ktor 2.3.9.


Micronaut Test

Micronaut Test updates to:

Micronaut Test Resources

Micronaut Test Resources adds support for OpenSearch.


Micronaut Servlet

Micronaut Servlet updates to:


Micronaut gRPC

Micronaut gRPC updates to:

  • gRPC 1.62.2
  • `protobuf` 3.25.3

Micronaut GraphQL

Micronaut GraphQL updates to GraphQL Java version 21.5.


Micronaut Elasticsearch

Micronaut Elasticsearch updates to Elasticsearch 8.13.0.

Micronaut Micrometer

Micronaut Micrometer updates to Micrometer 1.12.4.

Reactive Libraries

Micronaut Reactor

Micronaut Reactor updates to Project Reactor 2023.0.4.


Micronaut Email

Micronaut Email updates to:

Micronaut Logging

Micronaut Cache

Micronaut Cache updates to:

Micronaut Serialization

Micronaut Serialization adds support for renaming constructor arguments and choosing a different constructor via mixins.

Micronaut Spring

Micronaut Spring updates to:

It supports mapping `org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestPart` to `io.micronaut.http.annotation.Part`

Micronaut ACME

Micronaut ACME updates to acme4j-client 3.2.1. Micronaut Security.

Micronaut Security adds the locale and host to security events.


If you haven’t yet updated to Micronaut framework 4, this is an excellent opportunity to do so!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance.