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Webinar: Getting Started with the JHipster Micronaut Blueprint

by Jen Wiese Tags:

In this complimentary webinar, JHipster's Frederik Hahne and Object Computing's Jason Schindler demonstrate how to get started creating JHipster applications with the Micronaut Blueprint.

The new Micronaut Blueprint for JHipster enables you to create a JHipster application with a Micronaut server-side implementation using many common and popular features including:

• OAuth 2.0 (Keycloak, Okta)
• Relational databases (Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB)
• Cache implementations (Caffeine, Redis, Ehcache)
• Service discovery (Consul, Eureka)
• Heroku deployments
• and much more …

From stand-alone monoliths with a packaged React or Angular user interface to the unique requirements of microservice applications and their deployment environments, Frederik and Jason familiarize you with the tools and terminology you need to create “batteries included” Micronaut applications with JHipster by discussing the following topics:

• What is JHipster?
• What is a blueprint?
• What is JDL?
• What is the Micronaut framework?
• Example monolith application walkthrough (command line)
• Example microservice application walkthrough (JDL)
• What’s next?
• How to contribute
• Q & A