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Back to the Future with Micronaut Servlet

By Graeme Rocher

March 3, 2020

Tags: #servlet #jetty #undertow

The Micronaut Team at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) is pleased to announce the first milestone of Micronaut Servlet, a new implementation of Micronaut that runs on traditional Java servlet containers.

Micronaut Servlet provides support for replacing the Netty-based HTTP server that comes with Micronaut with either Jetty, Tomcat, or Undertow, which may be of interest to those who are already familiar with the thread-per-request model of traditional servlet containers and have an existing large investment in the servlet ecosystem.

Additionally, the Jetty and Tomcat implementations can be used with GraalVM native image to produce native servlet applications that start in milliseconds and consume very little memory.

Grails users also stand to benefit in the future by allowing Micronaut to run side-by-side, embedded within an existing Grails servlet-based application.

See the documentation for Micronaut Servlet for more information.