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Virtual Micronaut 2 Q&A Session Coming Soon

By Kristin Kroeger

August 20, 2020

Tags: #micronaut2

In years that weren't 2020, the 2GM (Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut) community typically had plenty of opportunities to chat with members of the core Grails and Micronaut team at conferences and Meetups.

Obviously, those informal huddles in front of the room as team members pack up their materials aren't happening this year. So we're doing what we can to replicate the experience virtually.

On August 21st, Micronaut co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, and Product Development Lead, James Kleeh, are hosting a virtual Q&A session for Micronaut users via Zoom. Jeff and James will share an update on the improvements the team has added to the framework's latest iteration and give attendees the chance to ask questions in a relaxed environment. It'll be almost like catching up with them in the hallway after a talk ... except everyone can hear the answer ... and you don't have to change out of your pajamas!

You can reserve your spot and attend live, or sign up and watch the video recording afterwards. Sign up for free right here.

Obviously, if you wait for the recording, you won't get to ask your questions during the live session, but you'll still get the update and the answers to everyone else's questions.