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Webinar: Micronaut in Action: A Live Case Study

By Jen Wiese

December 11, 2020

Tags: #webinar #casestudy

Many "Hello World" examples confirm that the Micronaut framework is capable of delivering reduced memory consumption and faster start-up times, but what about Micronaut applications outside the confines of test scenarios?

In this field report, guest speakers, Carlos Barragan and Silvio D'Alessandro from Novatec join Object Computing's Sergio del Amo and Jen Wiese to explore the development of a Micronaut application from conception to go-live.

To demonstrate the framework's potential in real life, Carlos, Silvio, and Sergio present not only the positive aspects of the development process, but also obstacles encountered and their solutions.

After taking a close look at the application's metrics in production, they present their findings: Does Micronaut deliver on its promises regarding memory consumption, actual start time, performance, and more?

Check out the recording now!