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Webinar: Flexible Frontend, Robust Backend: SPAs with Svelte and Micronaut®

By Jen Wiese

December 18, 2020

Tags: #webinar

When building single-page applications, choosing the right tools can have a significant impact on both your productivity and your finished product.

In this 60-minute, complimentary webinar, web development guru, Mark Volkmann, and Micronaut team member, Sergio del Amo Caballero, demonstrate how to combine a UI built with Svelte and a backend built with the Micronaut framework to create fast, powerful, and user-friendly SPAs.

If you've never used Svelte, this is a great opportunity to see how easy it is to use, and Micronaut users will gain a blueprint for how to solve many common concerns regarding API documentation, security, and versioning. 

Frontend topics include:

  • Top features of Svelte
  • Starting a new Svelte app
  • Example Svelte components
  • The Svelte REPL
  • Svelte stores
  • Svelte tools and resources

Backend topics include:

  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication Provider
  • OpenApi documentation generation
  • API versioning