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Webinar: Automating Processes with Microservices on Micronaut and Camunda

by Jen Wiese Tags:

Workflow engines can complement modern microservice architectures to address common challenges.

In this complimentary, on-demand webinar, Camunda co-founder, Bernd Rücker, and Novatec‘s, Tobias Schäfer, join Micronaut team member, Sergio del Amo, to discuss these challenges and demonstrate how easy it is to add a workflow engine to your Micronaut environment. For this purpose, we provide an open source integration project to embed the Camunda workflow engine into Micronaut projects. The integration sets sensible defaults, so you can get started with minimum configuration: simply add a dependency in your Micronaut project.

We’re not aware of all installations of the open source integration project. However, the team would love listening to your feedback, discussing possible use cases with you, and aligning the roadmap to your needs! Please give a star on GitHub and contact us!

Watch now for a presentation that includes the motivation for workflow engines in microservice architectures and a live demo of our Micronaut Camunda integration project.

Meet the Speakers

Sergio del Amo

Principal Software Engineer, Grails & Micronaut Team @Object Computing, Inc

Sergio is an experienced web and mobile developer. He likes to create products, understand them, and evolve them, and he feels genuinely empowered by Grails and how succinct and powerful Groovy is. After 6 years contributing his expertise to Grails applications, Guides, plugins, and other related technologies, Sergio assisted the 2GM team in the development of Micronaut. In 2020, Sergio earned his AWS Cloud certification and committed himself to learning Alexa inside-out in order to help make Micronaut the best platform on which to develop Alexa experiences. Since April 2015, Sergio has been the author of Groovy Calamari, a weekly newsletter about the Groovy Ecosystem: Grails, Geb, Gradle, and Ratpack.

Bernd Rücker

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist @Camunda

Bernd is a software developer at heart who has been innovating process automation deployed in highly scalable and agile environments of industry leaders such as T-Mobile, Lufthansa, ING and Atlassian. He contributed to various open-source workflow engines for more than 15 years and is the author of “Practical Process Automation” and co-author of “Real-Life BPMN”. Additionally, he is a regular speaker at conferences around the world and a frequent contributor to several technology publications. Bernd focuses on new process automation paradigms that fit into modern architectures around distributed systems, microservices, domain-driven design, event-driven architecture, and reactive systems.

Tobias Schäfer

Managing Consultant @Novatec Consulting GmbH

Tobias has more than 15 years of experience in software engineering and is passionate about Business Process Management and technical innovation. His main area of focus includes Java, Cloud native, and Camunda. He is leading the open source project providing an integration between the Micronaut framework and the workflow engine from Camunda.