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Announcing Our New Foundation Engineering Partner: Oracle

by Jen Wiese Tags:

The Micronaut Foundation™ is truly appreciative of the tremendous support we receive from our sponsors. In addition to financial support, the generous contributions of development tools, infrastructure, and other resources are essential to the continued evolution of the Micronaut® framework. Our Corporate Sponsor Program consists of companies whose contributions enable us to maintain and expand both the open source technologies and the assets we rely on to keep our communities informed and engaged.

We are excited to introduce a new Engineering Partnership program. This program recognizes partner organizations that sponsor the full-time work of one or more members of the Micronaut framework core committer team, with a focus on the critical shared and common portions of the code base.  The continued maintenance and innovation of the Micronaut framework takes a lot of work and we rely heavily on the contributions of our community as well as organizations that sponsor continued development of the open source code base.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Oracle has joined the Micronaut Foundation as an Engineering Partner! Oracle has been collaborating with the Micronaut Foundation to provide open source contributions to the Micronaut framework since 2020. Oracle’s contributions include enhancements to the critical and core areas of the Framework as well as new innovations including Micronaut AOT and Micronaut Serialization.

Micronaut has been a leader in bringing Java to the cloud. Micronaut identified build-time processing as a key technique required for the cloud, and has been consistently pushing the limit on bringing the features Java developers love into a build-time environment. For that reason, GraalVM and Micronaut are a natural partnership to make developers productive with Java in the cloud.”

– Eric Sedlar, Vice President and Technical Director of Oracle Labs

We’re delighted to have Oracle on board as an Engineering Partner. Their engagement in our community has been awesome and we look forward to continued collaboration in the years to come.

“The Oracle team has been contributing heavily to the Micronaut framework and they are a crucial player in the journey of the Framework so far. 

Oracle joining the Micronaut Foundation can only mean better collaboration. Thus, I am looking forward to continuing working with them. Their innovation and engineering talent will make the Micronaut framework’s future even brighter.”  

– Sergio del Amo, Micronaut Product Tech Lead at Object Computing Inc.

On behalf of the Micronaut Foundation, thank you! We’re excited to bring Oracle on to the Foundation as an Engineering Partner in recognition of their continued support and evolution of the Framework, and we look forward to the innovations that this partnership will enable!

The Micronaut Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports the Micronaut framework. The Foundation not only builds and supports an ecosystem of documentation, functionality, and services, it promotes and evangelizes the Framework as a leading technology in the JVM space. The generous support of our Corporate Sponsors allows the Foundation to continue to ensure technical innovation and advancement of the Framework as a free and open public-use software development toolkit for our growing global community.

To learn more about how you or your organization can support this Foundation, please check us out!