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Micronaut Testing Best Practices

June 22, 2020

Tags: #webinar

Check out the example code to view a sample application containing everything Iván covers in this webinar and follow along commit by commit.


We all know that testing is a critical step in the development process, but sometimes just thinking about starting the process is enough to inspire even the most diligent of us to dive headlong into procrastination mode.

But wait! If you're building your apps with Micronaut, there's no reason to lose your momentum when testing time comes around!

Micronaut allows you to execute end-to-end functional tests with an embedded server, making the testing process incredibly fast and easy.

How do you take advantage of all the time-saving testing features the Micronaut framework provides?

Watch this 60-minute webinar to discover how easy it is to keep everything organized, mock external servers, use different configurations for every test, and many more tasks you're ordinarily tempted to put off until after you've organized your entire workspace and alphabetized your media cabinet.