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Webinar: Developing Micronaut Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

By Iván López

September 18, 2020

Tags: #webinar

One of the things that makes Micronaut an ideal framework for lightweight applications like microservices and serverless apps is the fact that ahead-of-time (AoT) compilation avoids runtime reflection. This allows Micronaut applications to start up really fast and consume very little memory.

In this webinar, Micronaut team member, Iván López, demonstrates how IntelliJ IDEA can help developers improve their productivity when writing Micronaut applications.

Join Iván and host, JetBrains Developer Advocate, Mala Gupta, to learn a variety of helpful tips for effectively building Micronaut applications with different options and features directly from the IDE using IntelliJ IDEA.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Configuration auto-completion
  • Controller endpoints auto-discovery
  • HTTP client

This webinar is presented in partnership with JetBrains.