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Distributed Tracing with Micronaut

March 5, 2019

Tags: #webinar


Distributed tracing allows developers to better monitor and understand the flow of requests through a microservice architecture with a much more holistic view than is possible through other approaches, such as log-file aggregation or metrics-gathering.

Micronaut makes it easy to build tracing-aware apps using the standard OpenTracing API and includes special support for Jaeger and Zipkin.

In this webinar, Micronaut team member, Zachary Klein, demonstrates how Micronaut abstracts the details of adding tracing to interservice requests and shows you how to quickly set up a robust tracing scheme for your own Micronaut-based federation.


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Distributed Tracing
  • Introduction to Micronaut
  • Micronaut's Tracing Annotations
  • Demo Application Using Jaeger

This webinar is a great learning opportunity for JVM developers interesting in learning to leverage Micronaut's wide range of capabilities, as well as those interested in distributed tracing in general.